Zona WiFi® helps you know your visitors,

turn them into returning customers and boost transactions.

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Zona WiFi®

Enrich your


come back again
and again

Zona WiFi® Helps You Increase Your Return Customers

Zona WiFi® technology will convert your visitors into customers, then into loyal customers which will boost
transactions. With monthly subscription, we will do all your marketing activities starts from visitor login
until they return to your venue again and again.

Zona WiFi® Helps You Bring New Visitors to Your Venue

Zona WiFi® technology will bring new visitors which will boost transactions, with the agreed fee per footfall.
The footfall model works only at venues which have installed Zona WiFi®.

Customer Profile

Customer profiling has never been easier.
Enrich your customer profile
rapidly while they connect to Zona WiFi®.

Complete Profiling
We generate customer profile information such as name,
gender, age, email address, phone number, number of visits,
last visit, and number of campaigns delivered.

Import Database
Easily import your existing customer database into Zona WiFi®
dashboard to include them in your future campaigns.


Customer profiling has never been easier.
Enrich your customer profile
rapidly while they connect to Zona WiFi®.

Relevant and Personal Message
Utilize Zona WiFi® to send relevant
and engaging messages using our smart
automated email and SMS.

Various Email Template
templates according to your needs.

Come Back Rate
Zona WiFi® provide insights and report on the
effectiveness of your automated marketing campaigns.
We analyze the Come Back Rate based on the results of your
marketing campaigns.

Come Back Rate is Zona WiFi® formula to measure the number of returning customers based on every automated marketing activity.


Insert a special promotion coupon in every email or SMS
marketing to trigger your customer to come back!
You decide the promotion and we will create
the coupons for you. Just enjoy the result
and we’ll do all the hard work!

Weekly Report

Zona WiFi® will send a weekly automated report containing:

  • Number of new and returning customers
  • Top 3 login methods
  • Top 3 devices used
  • Gender demographic
  • Customer overview (total customers, new and returning)
  • Summary of all automated marketing campaigns
  • Come Back Rate from each automated marketing campaigns


Utilize Zona WiFi® and you can dig deeper on
your customer’s experience after their visit.
We send the survey by email, therefore your customers
can do the survey anytime they want to. We will then
send the complete report of the survey result to you

Easy and practical
Just let us know what you want to know
and we’ll get the answer for you!

Comprehensive reporting
We will send you the complete report
of the survey result.

Digital Menu

Simplify your menu digitally and enhance
your customer experience in browsing your menu.

With Zona WiFi®, you can save time and money
significantly in updating your menu. You can even update
regularly with no cost!

Jump-in to Digital
Accessible from laptops, tablets and mobile phones.