Easy Installation

With easy set-up, just plug Zona WiFi® technology in your access point so your customers can now have access to your free wifi.

Visitors Login

Now your visitors can simply login with email, phone number or social media account to access your free wifi. With every visitor login, you are getting closer to increase the number of your returning customers.

Personalized Messages

Zona WiFi® automated messages will send a personalized automatic email and SMS to your visitors to convert them into customers, then loyal customers.

Return to Venue

Visitors who receive promotion through email and SMS will return to your venue to enjoy the promo, which will boost transactions.

Zona WiFi® for Restaurants
& Cafes

The success of a restaurant or cafe is very much
dependent on the level of customer engagement

With Zona WiFi®, you will maintain an effective
communication channel with your customers
that enables you to offer various kind of marketing
campaigns and promotions customized for them.

By activating our automation features, you can turn
a new visitor into a loyal customer.

Zona WiFi® for Retail

Every customer is a valuable revenue potential.
Zona WiFi® enables retail businesses to know
specifically who their customers are and when
their last visit was.

Zona WiFi® helps return ‘lost’ customers
that haven’t visited your business in a certain
period of time with our automated marketing
campaigns delivering relevant offers to your

Zona WiFi® for Hotels

Every new visitor has the potential of becoming
your loyal customer

By knowing them better you can provide suitable
offers, and encourage them to come back as
returning customers.

Zona WiFi® will guarantee an increasing number
of returning customers that will boost your
sales significantly.

Zona WiFi® for Banks

No other business put the importance of knowing
your customers more than banking industry

With Zona WiFi®, you will know exactly who they
are and which service is most suitable for them.

Zona WiFi® for Events

Every event is a precious moment to share information and live experiences to your target audience. The more you know your target audience, the bigger the potential for a successful event.

At Zona WiFi, we provide everything you need to know your customer profile, to guarantee a successful event, every time.