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Digital Engagement Platform

We're rolling out our platform to over hundred high traffic venues across nation.

People love internet and free thing's. Zona WiFi offer both, but of course we dont stop there, not only that we had the right tools, but we built an ecosystem from ground up, because we want to seamlessly bridge brands with their customer, great venues with their audience. Big Brands, Great Venues, Free Fun WiFi? Yes, it's Zona WiFi Digital Engagement Platform.

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Digital Engagement Platform

Zona WiFi Digital Engagement Platform were build to reach your captive audience in a meaningful way,
and how exactly we do that, it's a matter of combining the best aspects of digital world.


It's time to really reaching your targeted audience, 24/7, with many venues and high traffic locations and a solid WiFi connection backbone. Will serve you right.


Interact with real people, in many possible ways you could think of, in which audience truly appreciates, high impact and captivated. Chance to educate people about your brands.


What good is a knife without knowing how sharp it is. Use our friendly dashboard, to see complete report about your channels and engagement progress.

We really feel that you should join us and try it yourself.

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Experience our platform interface samples ranging from simple survey to full pledge multimedia
also feels how it'll look like in mobile, ipad, and tablet.

Where can you find Zona WiFi ?

You can find Zona WiFi all over the country and we are expanding our Network.
Search the Map below to find more details about our locations.

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